My Tips for Getting an eBay Business Started

So many beginning eBay sellers end up frustrated or financially beleaguered once they begin. By using some common sense and a bit of insight, common mistakes can be avoided and financial success achieved. The following are some guidelines for new sellers.


  1. Treat eBay Like a Business

To effectively utilize eBay, immediately think of eBay as a company from day one, using a business model and work space to keep track of operations and avoid any pitfalls that may jeopardize the success of your start-up. Get a good office chair and prepare to put in the work!

  1. Studying Drop-Shipping Options

Choose the eBay model that works best for your business and avoid falling into the trap of get-rich-quick schemes like drop-shipping which many sellers use but few understand. In an extremely crowded marketplace, you must think outside the box and not be a lemming.

  1. Keep Track of eBay Fees Owed

Calculating all of the fees that are generated from small sales can be a bothersome chore but it must be done. Use calculators and basic accounting tools to stay abreast of all eBay fees to ascertain if your sales are effectively adding to your bottom line.

  1. Set Bids/Fixed Prices at Reasonable Rates



Selling items in peak condition will enable you to sell near or at market value. Don’t overestimate value of your items; start auctions below fair market value and see how productive sales are with this method.


  1. Great Item Descriptions

    Being able to creatively describe the items you sell will ultimately affect your bottom line, and the most productive sellers are those that have learned the art of writing a winning item description that draws in buyers and keeps them intrigued. This is the area to be as detailed as possible about the product for sale: its condition, any warranty, accessories included, the reasons for the sale.


  1. Impressive Photos

Pictures can speak volumes, especially on eBay, and if you’re selling something particularly special, a few high-quality photos (with descriptions) can ensure that you sell it at the price you want.


  1. Shipping Fees

If you increase the shipping costs, you run the risk of losing out on sales in the long run as most buyers prefer free shipping. Avoid this common mistake by weighing and packaging your own items, then selecting a carrier.


  1. Shill Bidding

New sellers may think that having friends and relatives bid on their items to increase the price is a potentially lucrative strategy, but shill bidding can end up in a lifetime ban from eBay. If you want to ensure a profit, initiate a high starting bid.  


  1. Be Responsive

Providing courteous and prompt customer service protects your eBay rating and proves to potential buyers that you are serious about your business.


  1. Using all eBay Tools

The eBay platform comes with a host of tools to optimize your experience. Learn how to use them to grow your business and access the money-saving options.

In conclusion, these are some of the most common mistakes that can be avoided to generate sales and maintain the reputation of your business.  

How I Found the Best Office Chair for My Back Pain


How I Found the Best Office Chair for My Back Pain


Finding a proper office chair to ward off back pain depends on a few factors in order to procure the best one, with the biggest factors primarily budget and posture. Working long hours can be extremely strenuous on the back and poorly designed chairs can lead to spinal curvature, lumbar collapse, and a host of other problems. Anyone that sits for extended amounts of time per day experiences back pain and many may accept it as normal, but poor design can lead to a host of health consequences, even shorter lifespans, making it all the more important to have a great office chair to support your back. A new chair can make a marked difference in the comfort of your back and overall health. The following office chairs have been researched against all the most popular brands on the market today to provide you with a comfortable option where you most need it.


Serta Executive

Serta is one of the most trusted names in office chairs and the Serta Executive office chair is an affordable option that offers maximum comfort via ergonomic support and full-body padding that covers the most important criteria for a chair. As one of the most affordable office chairs on the market, it is an option that provides tremendous value for the money invested. Extremely soft and made from microfiber that resembles suede, the Serta Executive is easy to clean and adds a touch of elegance to any office space. Serta pulled out all the stops with this edition, as this office chair features full padding in the back and the seat, as well as layered cushions beneath the upholstery and on the armrests, making for an increased comfortable working space that reduces pressure. Its high back means that your entire body is supported, reducing neck strain and enabling long muscles to properly relax. With caster wheels and a nylon base, this Serta office chair is shatterproof, guaranteeing durability that is hard to surpass. The best desk chairs are compiled and dissected extensively for buyers to make an informed decision.


Herman Miller Aeron

Recognized as one the most iconic models in the world for its design and optimal functioning, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is an innovative option that still remains one of the most competitive on the market today. As a permanent fixture at the Museum of Modern Art, the Herman Miller Aeron desk chair boasts an infinite amount of adjustments and is packed with ergonomic features that provide increased lumbar support, making it an ideal option for those suffering from back pain. Change the height, seat depth, tilt settings, and more with the Aeron, with three sizes available so that you can purchase the proper one for your size as opposed to settling on one that comes close. Additionally, the Aeron office chair comes with a posturefit lumbar attachment to provide even more support to your lower back area, one of the few on the market today that provides this feature. It also is extremely durable and sturdy, built to provide long term comfort and support with a 12-year warranty that is nearly impossible to beat.  Made primarily from recycled materials, the Aeron desk chair is environmentally friendly. This resource offers an extensive resource list for the best office chairs available that meet the criteria you demand.


Herman Miller Embody

Office chairs reach the next plateau in excellence with the Herman Miller Embody, a model that has a fully redesigned support system and comes with even more adjustments for optimal comfort. In order to create the best office chair possible, the Embody was built with the assistance of 20 medical experts. This office chair moves with you, maintaining constant support and working wonders on your back pain, overall posture, and stress levels – in effect, providing active support throughout the day. Included is a central support bar that forms a matrix to support your spine at several points for increased comfort. Other great features include lumbar support, adjustable back support and seat settings that are fully adjustable. The adjustment settings are infinite, with three comfort regions for the thighs, bones, and thorax, and width adjustments available for the armrests. The upholstery is made of woven fabrics and mesh that feel like a second skin. And with a 12-year guaranty, this is an investment to seriously consider. Click here to discover the best gaming chairs available on the market today.